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  • Coverage Area: The portable air cooler is appropriate for rooms up to an area of 45 square meters under optimal conditions.

  • Fresh Living with i-Pure Technology: This Symphony air cooler employs advanced filters to cleanse the air it releases. Enjoy optimal cooling with the freedom to keep doors and windows open.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Engineered with precision and using premium materials, this cooler ensures a tranquil and noise-free environment, allowing for restful sleep even on the warmest summer nights

  • Uniform Cooling: Experience exceptional cooling with this desert air cooler, as the cool flow dispenser ensures the even distribution of water for consistent comfort.

  • Power Saving Performance: This home air cooler uses only about 210 Watts of energy and works with inverters, allowing you to relax this summer without sweating about bills or power outages.

  • 3 side Honeycomb Pads: Equipped with three-side high-efficiency honeycomb pads, the air cooler ensures maximum cooling effectiveness on all sides, delivering superior comfort in every corner of your space.

  • Effortless Operation: The air cooler features user-friendly dial knobs for easy use, adding a touch of modern elegance. Castor wheels ensure seamless mobility for added convenience

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